year of pig

Come and celebrate Chinese New Year at our school on Sunday 10 February 2019.  Our wonderful PTA has done it again. They have come up with yet another event and will be bringing us another amazing fair to the school hall! (A big cheer to thank everyone who is involved to bring this joyful event to our students and families.)

齊來跟我們在2019年2月10日星期日一起慶祝農曆新年。本校的PTA(家長教師聯會) 今年又再次為我們舉辦春節聯歡同樂日,並將在學校禮堂籌備了一連串攤位遊戲和節目。


Timings 時間表

Raffle tickets will be available to purchase from 10:00 (£1 per ticket or £5 for six tickets)
All classes will finish early and the fundraising events will start at 12:00.
Raffle draw will start at 12:30.
End of event around 13:30 and we will all tidy up the school hall before leaving around 14:00.

抽獎券由10:00開始發售 (每張£1 或 £5 六張)
所有班級將會提前下課, 籌款活動在中午開始。
在學校14:00關門前, 請各位幫忙打掃場地。

What’s On

Food and drinks 兒童食品、熱食、飲品
Cake stall 餅店 (see Cake Sale Poster)
Raffle 抽獎
Tombola 湯博拉
Games 遊戲
Arts & Crafts 手工藝品

2019 Chinese New Year Celebration Raffle Prizes – include generous support from below sponsors list – 中國新年結聯歡同樂日抽獎獎品豐富贊助商包括如下:

  • SeeWoo 泗和行
  • Wing Yip 榮業行
  • Hoo Hing 和興行
  • Bang Bang 新東方城
  • Middletons
  • Giraffe
  • Hollywood Bowl
  • RockUp
  • Watford Palace Theatre
  • ASDA
  • Flying Tiger Copenhagen
  • Gambado
  • Centre Stars…and many more.

All proceeds go towards the running of our school. 所有籌款收益將會用於學校的運作。

We are very fortunate that our parents are extremely supportive and enthusiastic to ensure their children’s learning as well as to maintain the school’s continuing success.

* If you are interested in joining our PTA, please contact: 如有興趣參加PTA, 請電郵聯絡:
[email protected]