WCCS Fundraising Events


We normally run two fundraising events per year. One during Chinese New Year celebratory weekend and the other at the end of year.

我們通常每年舉辦兩次籌款活動。 一個是在春節慶祝週末,另一個在結業禮。

All proceeds go towards the running of our school.


We are very fortunate that our parents are extremely supportive and enthusiastic to ensure their children’s learning as well as to maintain the school’s continuing success. 我們學校有幸得到一班為學校熱心落力的家長,以確保他們的孩子的學習,並保持學校的持續成功。

* If you are interested in joining our PTA, please contact: 如有興趣參加PTA, 請電郵聯絡:
[email protected]