About Us

The school has been established in 1998 and it has reflected on the many achievements both for and by the pupils. All the school staff and parents have worked extremely hard to make the school a resounding success. We started with 56 pupils in 1998, the number has increased to over 250.

The school is held 2 hours each Sunday morning during term time.  It currently runs 10 classes each in Cantonese and Mandarin from year Pre-Reception to Year 9 with the additional GCSE classes.  There are three adult Mandarin conversational classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels for those who are interested in learning Chinese in an informal and enjoyable environment.

The catchment area extends beyond the boundaries of Watford, attracting pupils from many different locations. Mrs Peony Chen-Hutchinson, one of the founders still organises, oversees and runs the school.

The school is entirely self-funded and a voluntary organisation. It has to rely on the small amount of school fees which we charge and the fund raising events to maintain the smooth running of the school.

We have 24 teachers and 12 teaching assistants, most of which are volunteering parents who share the passion in community language teaching.  Other parents also contribute their time to help running the tuck shop, refreshments and general maintenance of the school during the school hours. We also have PTA members who dedicate their spare time to organise fund-raising events twice a year.

Without everyone’s support and contributions, the school will not exist and be able to enjoy the success we have today, thank you all!



學期期間,學校每個星期日上課兩個小時。廣東話班和普通話班各有10個班級, 從幼兒班起到九年級。我們亦有GCSE中學會考班。成人普通話初級和中級班,適合有興趣在非正式和愉快的氣氛中學習中文的人士。